• "Chicago downtown cityscape panorama in the night"
  • "Sunset and Sea from PhotoStockSecrets.com"

About Klar Image

Again, I welcome you all to my blog, Klar Image. This blog was born since my photography carrier way back 2007, that was 9 years ago. When I started to learn photography I decided to share the images into the internet. I mostly uploaded them to Flickr, and then the time comes that most of the photographers are earning from the pictures taken, so I did a research on how to earn money from photography. So, now I learn to sell my photos online to some stock photo agencies. If someone will buy your photo that you have uploaded then you will earn a part of the price. Now, I always love to share with you guys, what I have done online being a photographer. So in this blog, I will be posting articles and tips where you can also earn money while enjoying your passion in photography. I hope I can help you in any better way. Check out my articles on this site and talk to you soon!


Klar Image