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What is Adobe Stock?

Stock images have become an incredibly large and popular market in the last several years. The huge, multinational, computer software company, Adobe, recently joined the ranks of stock content providers. Adobe Stock launched worldwide on June 16, 2015, and has been taking the stock photo market by storm ever since.† With a growing library of over 40 million, beautiful and high-quality photos, itís not surprising that they have more than kept up with their competitors. There are a handful of reasons why Adobe Stock is becoming the ultimate source of high-quality photos.

Adobe Creative Tools

One of the reasons Adobe Stock has become so popular so quickly is because an estimated 85% of customers purchasing stock photos are using Adobe Creative tools. Now, with Adobe Stock, customers can integrate stock photos into these tools like Photoshop and InDesign much quicker and easier. They can make use of Creative Cloud, which further simplifies the buying and using process.

Customer Contributions

One cool aspect of the Adobe Stock difference is the ability of customers to contribute images to the photo library. In a growing library of 40 million images, the capability of customer contribution opens up the door for massive expansion of images. Some of the highest quality photographers and designers will have the opportunity to share their work on Adobe stock.



Adobe Stock is integrated for use in multiple programs. Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC are just a few of the programs through which Adobe Stock can be used. Watermarked images can be added to the Creative Cloud Library for licensure. Once the image is licensed, the watermarked image is automatically applied.

Flexible Pricing

One key benefit of Adobe Stock Images is the flexible pricing options. The pricing provides customers with the ability to buy just one image or to buy multiple as they need them. Monthly plans are available to those who purchase multiple images on a monthly basis. Creative Cloud members can get the best value prices and can save up to 40%. Creative Cloud members also have the ability to rollover images left over from the month to next month, for up to a year! The cost is $9.99 per image or $29.99 monthly for ten images. Individuals requiring more than that can purchase the largest plan that is 750 images for $199 monthly. Prices for Adobe Stock customers that are not Creative Cloud members are available separately.